What is a Bail Bond?

Bail Bond is a kind of assurance or surety bond which ensures the release of a defendant, provided by a bond company through an agent referred as Bail Bondsman. Two kinds of Bail Bonds are there; criminal Bail Bonds and civil Bail Bond. In both the cases, the Bondsman assures that the defendant will abide by the decisions of the court in all condition.

What should I know before I contact a bail agent?

Before you contact a Bail Agent, you need to know the custody location of the defendant. The full name and booking no. of the person is also required. And you should also know the bail amount.

How do I get a Bail Bond?

There are basically four ways a person can be released which are: 1) taking help from a bondsman (2) paying the full bail amount to the court or jail (3) using assets for bail and (4) if the judge decides so.

How much does a bail bond cost?

That might vary from company to company. At our company, we charge upto 15% of the bail amount and we make it 100% certain that our client is out and happy.

Do I need collateral for a Bail Bond?

Well, in most of the instances, collateral is not required. But there are instances where the amount is a substantial one, in such cases we might think of backing up the bond with collateral.

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