I was the mom who called you around 3:30 am Friday to go bail my son, Sam Cassidy, out after he was arrested for DWI. I just want to tell you how very much l appreciate your help, your kindness and professionalism with me on the phone, and for being, as my son described, "a really nice guy" to him. That was probably one of the lowest and scariest points in our lives. My son has never really been in trouble and this has been heartbreaking for us. But it would have been worse if you hadn't been so good to deal with. I chose you initially after doing a Google search, and when l noticed you had a website, l thought you'd be a good choice. I wasn't thinking clearly, given the time of night and circumstances, so l just had to go with my gut and hope. The next day, l read all about you and your business on the website, and was blown away by what l read, the values you seem to have, your football and bondsman career info, and that this is a family business. Moms often go on instinct, and this is just another of the times that has paid off, because l couldn't have found anyone better or better to deal with. Thank you very much for what you did and the attitude you had doing it. Bless you.”

Beth Cassidy

“Out of all of the businesses in Greenville I can say by far 1st and 10 is the BEST!!!. From the moment I made initial contact to the very end of the last transaction he always made me feel like I was his number one priority. He was sincere in helping me every step of the way and his service was very quick. While being very knowledgeable, he explained everything I needed to know, answered all my questions and was working fast to come up with a solution and an agreement for payment. He offered me a discount (student discount) to help make it easier on my pockets. Throughout our constant contact he was very kind, always answered the phone, was always calm and very committed to helping me come up with a solution when I had a problem. I highly recommend 1st and 10 to anyone in need of this service.”

“LOVE! LOVE! LOVE Jr and 1st and 10! Jr is a very professional, kind and understanding person. It is apparent that he really loves what he does and he will do anything possible to help people get out of their situtation. He helped me when no other bails bondsman would and he was really understanding of my situtation. He is by far the best bailsbondsman around and I recommend calling him above anyone else in town. Jr is nice and very respectful and he did not place judgement on me but instead he helped me look at the bright side of things and actually gave me encouraging words to help be through my situtation. He is highly recommended by me and I will be telling anyone I know that is in need of a bails bondsman to definitly contact him!”

“I was very lost when I came to Jr. My husband had been arrest I was new to NC and was just starting a new job. so money was a major issue. To be honest I thought he would say what every other bails bondsman had said to me that day. "We're very sorry for your situation. but we must have cash up front." But thats what was different he listened to me I mean really listened, took the time to work with me and we worked out a payment arangment that worked and I was able to bring my husband home that day! He is a very kind man and he will work with you. The company is relible and once you make an agreement the service is fast. Also he will work with you to make sure the payments are managble and affordible. If i ever need his help in this matter in the future I will always go to 1st and 10 for this kind of help. My friends have came to 1st and 10 for help also and he treated them with the same kindness and flexablity I was. I can not thank Jr and 1st and 10 enough for everything he has done to help my family.”

“1st and 10 definitely delivers!! Mr. Smith was professional, courteous, and most importantly, prompt. Mr. Smith had an agent dispatched and the bond posted within approximately 20 minutes of my phone call. Since I was calling outside of normal business hours, I found this to be true a commitment and dedication to his profession. Mr. Smith took the time to explain the entire "bond posting" process. Since I am located in another state, it was important for me to feel comfortable and be able to trust 1st and 10 to post the bond without constant follow-up for status updates. I would highly recommend 1st and 10 to everyone! Thanks for all your help!”

L. Tucker

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  • Greenville Office (Across From the Courthouse)
  • 209 Evans Street Suite C Greenville, NC 27858
  • (252) 757-1313
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