Before Calling A Bail Bond Agency: 3 Factors You Need To Know!

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Getting your beloved person out of jail can be a frightening experience. This is especially true when you are totally unknown about bail bonds and the whole procedure. Family members and friends may suggest that you contact a bail bond agency.


But, should you? Hence what you must know before getting in touch with them?


First of all, it is significant to know some basic factors prior to contacting a bail bond agent. This is going to help you in feeling comfortable through the whole procedure of getting your family member or friend out of jail.


These are some important factors that can help you in understanding bail bonds and the liability you’ll take prior to calling a bail bondsman.


Fact 1: Bail bonds are actually loans


When an individual is under arrest, they’re instantly put in jail. They’ll then need to wait in the jail until their bail hearing. This is when the court will be setting a bail amount. This amount has to be paid if the individual under arrest wants to be released.


If that amount is not paid, that individual will be required to wait in jail until their hearing. That amount is provided back only if the accused comes for all their court dates.


When you contact a bail bond agency they will consider bail bond as a loan that the bondsman will pay to court in your place so that the accused can be released.


Like other loans, there’s a fee. This charge differs state-to-state. It is also non-refundable.


Fact 2: You’re responsible for the accused to show up to the court


It is significant to know that if you sign a bail bond, you’re being agreed to take the responsibility of the person financially if they don’t come to court. Then the bail bond agency might need you to pay the entire amount which will lead to financial loss.


Fact 3: All bail bond fees are regulated by the state


You surely won’t want to bargain the fees during a traumatic time like this. Luckily, all bail bond agencies regulated by the state.


It means all bail bond fees are set by local states and not by individual agencies. The only thing to think about when selecting a bail bondsman is whether they’re experienced, licensed, and easy to work with.


The final note


Bail bondsmen can help you in saving money and getting your loved one out of jail quickly. All you have to do is to make sure that you contact a reputed bail bond company.