Got arrested? Know legal rights before hiring bail-bondsman

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True to say, no one expects that he or she will get into such a situation. Many people in the USA get arrested wrongfully, sometimes when only a bail-bondsman can help them from there.


Getting arrested is unpredictable. So, ready to encounter such situations anytime. And, knowing your legal right after getting arrested is the first and foremost step.


These legal rights will help you know how and when you can hire a bail bondsman to get out of jail.


Legal rights to know regarding post-arrest


Here are some of the legal rights that you must know to take further steps after getting arrested. Such as:


The Miranda Warning


Miranda rights say that the cop needs to inform you of your rights while arresting or before interrogating you. Also, the right states, you can remain silent until a formal interrogation process.


Apart from this, keep a few things in mind. For example:


  • Once the officers give you the right, make sure to be silent. Otherwise, they can use any statement against your defense in the court. For instance, avoid threatening the cops during interrogations.

  • No matter whatever reasons are behind your arrest, think before you speak up while in police custody.

  • You are allowed to make a phone call while in police custody. And, the best thing that you can do is hiring a bail bondsman. Also, you can inform your family or friend about your arrest and ask them to find a bail-bondsman to get you out of here.


36-Hour Rule and 48-Hour Rule


The 36-Hour Rule states that the cops must bring the arrested person to the judge within these hours after getting arrested. Furthermore, the law excludes the legal Sundays and holidays from these 36 hours when you get arrested without a warrant. Otherwise, the rule will include these days.

On the contrary, there is a 48-Hour Rule that says that the officers cannot keep a person in custody more than two days from the day of his arrest. Any violation of the rules can allow you immediate release by the judge.


What to do after getting arrested


  • If you have been arrested without informing any reason, let it know your bail bondsman.

  • Have you been mistreated in police custody? Discuss it with your bail bondsman once you contact them.

  • Do not use any force against an officer and many more.


Do you need any help? Call our bail-bondsman now! Also, stay in touch to learn more about bail bonds.